Light Curing Equipment



Price: $3,895.00

Description: Portable Light Curing Machine

Input Voltage: 100V–240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz

Required Power Outlet: 15 or 20 Amp Circuit

Lamp: 12 inch, proprietary

Adjustable Power Input: 1,375 Watts, 1,550 Watts, 1,750 Watts, 1,950 Watts

Cure Speed: Up to 40 ft/min. (Cure speed is dependent on the coating, thickness and power setting)

Dimensions: Overall: L 23.5 x W 16 x H 13.5 inches (Not including the handle)

Weight: 34.8 lbs.

Power Cord: 50ft, 12gauge



Instant Start

Extremely Light Weight

All Metal Construction

12” cure path.

Can easily cure both water based and 100% solids coatings

Simple On/Off handle trigger

Shutter less design

Over-heat protection automatically turns lamp off

Adjustable handle for easy maneuverability and stowage

Warranty: 12 months. Labor and materials are covered under warranty. (See machine warranty for complete details)