Industrial flooring coating systems that provide extreme durability and performance. UVGC formulate flooring coating solutions to specifically handle the harsh demands of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, factories and other locations of heavy production.

Eco Green Finishes were developed by UVGC over a two decade research, development and testing period. At UVGC there is no compromise. Our coating systems had to answer all the needs of your business.

Our photo-polymerization technology cures our coatings at the speed of light providing immediate return to service. In the highly competitive global market companies can not afford any loss of production times

Industrial sites are subjected to extreme wear, abuse and chemical spills. Our coatings are formulated to be tough, chemical-resistant and easy to clean. We combine the highest quality resins in the industry with our proprietary diamond hard wear additive. Our photo-polymerization process achieves an unparalleled level of high cross linking density.

A few key benefits that make our industrial floor coatings

  • Immediate return to service with instantaneous photo-polymerization curing
  • Extreme durability and performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs do to no waxing or polishing required
  • Outstanding resistance to solvents and chemicals


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