Light curing equipment

The floor coating industry produces some of the most demanding environments for equipment. Industrial toughness is a necessity. Equipment must work 100% of the time. A quick return to service is essential for flooring contractor’s clients.

Our engineers worked directly in the field over the past two decades producing machines that work as hard as the contractors that use them. Our development team consists of our equipment engineers, our coating scientists, commercial and industrial flooring maintenance companies and leading experts in the wood flooring industry.

In pioneering the development of portable light curing equipment we have created some of the most advanced units available in the world. Though millions of square feet of curing, 67 prototypes and 14 generations of portable light curing machines our team of experts have designed the true work horse of the industry.

Our latest generation combines durability and simplicity with the lowest cost in the industry. The unit is all metal construction yet weighs less than 35 pounds allowing it to be transported by only one person.

The 12 inch proprietary lamp is instant start eliminating the need for a shutter system which reduces the amount of unnecessary moving parts, weight and cost. The unit runs on 100V–240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz allowing it to be used in most countries around the world.

The power output is adjustable to accommodate business that might have outlet circuits that may be under rated. A built in tachometer aids the operator in adjusting curing speeds to match the machines output power.